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Route 101 offers local vendors and artisans an opportunity to take advantage of our fresh and upgraded showroom, high traffic counts and professional staff with unique plans to keep more profits. We’ve looked closely at the challenges facing small local producers of quality goods and decided we’d come up with a better way to do business.

With Route 101 you can focus on selling your goods how you want to sell them and allow our backend systems and staff to support you every step of the way.

Checking your inventory, reviewing your daily or monthly sales, putting an item on sale… these can all be done online, from anywhere and from any device. Want to expand your display or have us fulfill your online orders? Just let us know.

And most importantly, do you want to realize more profits from your goods?

Route 101 is thinking beyond the thin margins of retail, or the non-negotiable world of consignment. Our vendor program allow you to tie your profits to your sales volume, space needed and the marketplace. The more you sell, the higher percentage of profits you will see.

You see, for our business to thrive, our vendors must be successful. By treating both the customer and the vendor as key and equal partners in Route 101, we all benefit.

For more information and to receive our Vendor Packet, please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss how we can increase both your sales volume and profits.

To book a time to come in with samples of your work and talk with us, please click here.